High Growth Reported for Nuclear Energy Technologies Worldwide

Manufacturers of nuclear reactor components are entering a pivotal period as the new global landscape of global nuclear energy production takes shape. Nations committed to constructing next-generation nuclear facilities that leverage the latest technology will depend on manufacturers to provide high quality products that foster a safe, secure, and enduring environment for nuclear energy production.

This is according to a new market research report titled Nuclear Energy Technologies Worldwide: Components and Manufacturing, which is available in Reportlinker.com’s latest catalogue. The report, created by Specialists in Business Information (SBI), covers several components of the nuclear energy technology industry around the world.

The report says that governments are challenged by the weak global economy that has tightened credit needed to fund some of their long-term nuclear energy initiatives. Suppliers to the nuclear energy construction market are also attempting to keep pace with increased demand as they struggle to stay afloat with a reduced labor force. The companies, which include AREVA and Mitsubishi, are leveraging their economies of scale in energy markets by collaborating and aligning with competitors to gain market share and increase their installed base of customers.

The United States is the global leader in nuclear energy technology manufacturing, having a total market value of nearly $45.2 billion in 2002 and growing to an estimated $50.8 billion by year-end 2009. By 2013, SBI estimates that the U.S. market value will reach $61.1 billion, growing at an eleven-year Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 2.8 percent.

The United States, France and Japan comprise more than half of the global value of nuclear energy technology manufacturing. SBI estimates that France’s market value will grow from $28.9 billion in 2009 to $34.8 billion in 2013 (3.4 percent CAGR) and Japan will grow from $19.6 billion to $23.7 billion (3.4 percent) in 2013. On a share basis, through 2013, the top three manufacturing nations will maintain their leadership positions, although they will lose share to other nations such as China and South Korea, which will accelerate their manufacturing efforts.

On a CAGR basis, however, SBI projects that through 2013 the Netherlands and Pakistan will grow at the fastest rates, 15.9 percent and 31.6 percent, respectively, and afford the greatest market opportunities for suppliers to the nuclear technology manufacturing industry.

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