EL&P July issue features Industry Report on security trends

May 23, 2003 — The upcoming July issue of Electric Light & Power magazine will cover security trends for the power industry, risk management, call centers, clean coal technology and more. This issue also provides a special analyst roundtable on finance for the power industry, and an instructive article on transmission structure design.

Industry Report: Security trends

In its Industry Report section, EL&P will deliver the latest in security trends, beginning with “the rest of the story on control systems security” including best practices for securing mission critical infrastructure and for safeguarding utility control networks.

Next, the San Antonio Water System shares lessons learned from “Operation Pale Horse,” showing how a smallpox outbreak might limit utilities’ abilities to provide essential services. EL&P will also introduce the newly formed PJM Interconnection’s Security Advisory Council.

Electric & gas trading: risk management

Competitive and regulatory/legislative forces are causing a fundamental restructuring of the energy industry in general. This article takes a look at new approaches to assessing and protecting utility value chains.

Finance: Analyst roundtable

EL&P interviews industry analysts about their “takes” on the near-term financial performance of utilities – who’s leading, who’s not. We’ll examine shifting strategies and their results thus far.

Information technology/customer systems: Call centers

Customers expect more from their utility in this age of information and automation. But while service demands are high, budgets are not. This article explores the following topics: What technologies are prevalent in the utility center? How are customer care center directors managing employees? What is the level of outsourcing? What does it cost the average utility to handle a customer inquiry?

Generation: Clean coal technologies

EL&P delivers an overview of the Dept. of Energy’s Clean Coal Technology program. We’ll take a look at projects already completed and at proposals DOE has received for projects valued at more than $5 billion in response to President Bush’s Clean Coal Power Initiative.

Transmission and distribution: Transmission structure design

This overview will include instructive information about transmission structure engineering, such as foundations; foundations for single poles; foundations for frames and towers; and guy anchors.

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