EL&P’s August issue provides in-depth look at natural gas crisis

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July 3, 2003 — EL&P’s August 2003 issue will provide a look at the natural gas situation, new generation, including distributed generation and combined heat & power, emissions trading, credit and risk management, improving utility Web sites and automated meter reading.

In the news
This spring, Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham declared a natural gas “crisis.” Rising costs for the fuel are being paired with incredibly low storage numbers to create a debate about what could happen to the natural gas market over the winter of 2003-2004. In this first part of a two-part series, EL&P’s Kathleen Davis examines the crisis in depth, talking with analysts and power producers to answer the following questions: Is there a crisis at all, or are we just projecting? What created this “crisis”? How is it affecting the power industry right now?

Industry report: New generation development
EL&P delivers an overview of new generation, including distributed generation and combined heat & power. Return on investment is the focus of this in-depth review of generation trends.

Electric & gas trading: Emissions trading
To some in the industry, emissions trading options are ripe for the picking — so how can you make sure you’re ready to profit from GHG (greenhouse gases)? It may warrant a closer look by utilities — especially as the World Bank has estimated demand in the international GHG trading system to be in the order of US$20 billion per annum by 2010.

Finance: Credit risk/management
Risk management has taken on heightened significance in the restructured power market. This article takes a look at the energy market risks developers and consumers should expect in order to hedge their investments.

IT/CS: Improving utility Web sites
Consolidated Edison Company of New York Inc. launched an innovative and entertaining Web site that introduces a number of energy-related concepts to children of all ages. We’ll introduce the characters and review the development of this kid-savvy site.

Generation: Boilers
EPA’s New Source Review (NSR) rules include proposed changes to routine maintenance, repair and replacement (RMRR) provisions, which apply to boilers. Finalization of the proposed RMRR rule will have great impact overall to electric utilities. EL&P discusses the resultant debate over the applicability of NSR permitting requirements.

Transmission & distribution: Automated meter reading
AMR is widely accepted for large end-use customer metering and for reading hard-to- access meters. Now, the AMR industry is increasingly focusing on end-use customer markets. EL&P explores the trend of trying to capture smaller end-use customers.

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