EL&P’s editors recommend books of the month for May

May 13, 2003 — EL&P’s editors recommend books for further reading about selected topics in this month’s issue. Visit http://www.pennwell-store.com or phone 800-752-9764 for more information on any of these selected books plus many more electric power titles and products.

For further reading about the challenges associated with today’s changing business climate:

“Integrated Business Continuity: Maintaining Resilience in Uncertain Times,” by Geary W. Sikich

Description: Rapid change in the business environment is the new norm. The way organizations operate is changing as new and better technologies become available. The ability to effectively respond to and manage disruptions in a timely manner is now the deciding factor in any organization’s survivability. This book guides senior executives, operational manager, and public officials step-by-step through developing and assessing an effective business continuity plan. 227 pages/Winter 2003
Further reading related to natural gas issues:

“Natural Gas & Electric Power in Nontechnical Language,” by Ann Chambers

Description: Chambers gives you a history of these two converging industries and an overview of the factors forcing them together-political, regulatory, technical and economic. 258 pages/1999

“Trading Natural Gas: A Nontechnical Guide,” by Fletcher J. Sturm

Description: This book covers the mechanics of natural gas trading, including the physical (cash) market, structured transactions, hedging and trading instruments, and building a risk management model. 206 pages/1997

“Managing Energy Risk: A Nontechnical Guide to Markets and Trading,” by John Wengler

Description: Deregulation has forced a whole new world of trading and risk management jargon onto the energy marketer. Wengler identifies the issues, discusses and analyzes them, and in checklist fashion prioritizes for managers what they must do to succeed despite diverse risks. 393 pages/April 2001

“Fundamentals of Trading Energy Futures & Options, 2nd Edition,” by Steven Errera & Stewart Brown

Description: The authors explain how exchange-traded futures and options markets work and how companies can successfully use the markets in their overall strategy to increase profitability.

For further reading about combined cycle gas turbines:

“Combined-Cycle Gas & Steam, Turbine Power Plants, 2nd Edition,” by Rolf Kehlhofer, Rolf Bachmann, Henrik Nielson and Judy Warner

Description: This book is the leading reference on technical and economic factors of combined-cycle applications within the utility and cogeneration markets. Kehlhofer, an internationally recognized authority in the field of new combined-cycle power plants, and his co-authors provide tips on system layout, details on controls and automation, and operating instructions. They provide case studies, reference tables, more than 150 figures, and real-world examples applicable to your own applications.

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