EL&P’s September issue features annual utility financial rankings

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Aug. 4, 2003 — The upcoming September issue of Electric Light & Power (EL&P) will have an annual industry report on utility financial rankings.

The issue will include EL&P’s exclusive annual report ranking utilities according to financial performance, which historically has proven to be a favorite among our readers and advertisers. The past year has been one with tremendous fallout and shakedowns within energy companies. We’ll show you how the companies fared and what lies ahead.

News: Special focus on natural gas

In this second part of EL&P’s two-part series on the natural gas crisis, we’ll speak with analysts and power producers about their projections for the natural gas market during the winter of 2003-2004, along with their suggestions for power producers and other industry players to weather the crisis.

Finance: View from the institutional investors’ desks

Don Diaz, EL&P contributing editor and independent industry analyst with 15 years experience in the financial and energy markets, presents the view of institutional investors as they survey a landscape strewn with financial casualties. What qualities are these investors seeking in utilities? What advice do they have to offer utilities so they can boost their appeal to these important investors? What mistakes are utilities making that may put-off investors?

Information technology & customer systems: billing/e-billing

EL&P presents a case study about an energy and applied technology holding company’s successful integration of multiple billing systems after several mergers.

Electric & gas trading: spotlight on a trading floor

There’s no doubt there are fewer trading floors out there. As of spring 2003, many of the top 20 electricity traders have either totally withdrawn or pulled back substantially from the speculative power trading market. We’ll take an inside look at a survivor and see how things have changed in the business of wholesale trading.

Generation: nuclear update

EL&P takes a look at the feasibility of construction of new nuclear power plants. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that nuclear construction costs would be more than 60 percent higher than industry estimates. Cost is only one factor. Will public opinion support such development?

Transmission & distribution: utility poles

This case study describes a Golden Valley Electric Cooperative project that included the design and construction of 530 steel structures for an electric transmission line near Fairbanks, Alaska. The project demanded innovative techniques to ensure that the materials would work in weather ranging from 100 degrees in the summer to 75 below in the winter.


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