In China, Taishan 1 nuclear reactor dome installed

Paris, October 24, 2011 — The dome installation on the reactor building of unit 1 of the EPR nuclear power plant of Taishan in China was realized with success yesterday.

This operation, coordinated by the project manager Taishan Nuclear Power Joint Venture Co. — joint venture owned at 70 percent by CGNPC and at 30 percent by EDF — was carried out a little more than two years after the first concrete pouring of the reactor building raft.

This success constitutes a major milestone for the construction of the EPR provided by Areva in China. It is the outcome of large-scale work, which lasted more than two years and mobilized more than 2,000 persons to carry out the civil work on the reactor building.

The vast operation to maneuver it into place lasted half a day and mobilized one of the most powerful cranes in the world. After being hoisted 70 meters above ground, the 240-ton steel dome was lowered onto the 44-meter high structure, entirely covering the inner part of the reactor building. The next step will be to seal the dome by welding it around the circumference and covering it with 7,000 tons of concrete.

This operation associated major Chinese civil work and electromechanical contractors, including Huaxing and The 23rd Co., as well as French companies in charge of engineering and equipment manufacturing, such as Areva and Sofinel, with their Chinese partners.

EDF, investor in the construction of the EPR in China, has brought to CGNPC all the necessary technical support and assistance during the construction. About 40 EDF engineers are currently seconded on the Taishan site within TNPJVC.

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