Intergen announces plan to install emissions control technology on border power facility in Mexico

BURLINGTON, Mass., Jan. 29, 2003 — InterGen on Tuesday announced a plan to install additional Selective Catalytic Reduction technology (SCR) on its La Rosita Energy Facility in Mexicali, Mexico.

SCR technology significantly reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx), a precursor to smog. SCR is the best commercially available pollution technology to reduce NOx and is required for new plants in California.

InterGen had previously committed to install SCR on the two units of La Rosita that will generate electricity for the United States. Today’s announcement marks a commitment to install the technology on the remaining two units of the facility, the portion designated to generate power for Mexico.

“From an emissions standpoint, La Rosita already compared favorably with a number of power facilities currently operating in California. With the additional pollution control technology installed, La Rosita will compare favorably with the best facilities operating in California or any other State in the U.S.A.,” said Carlos Riva, Chief Executive Officer of InterGen.

InterGen will work with Mexican authorities to phase on the state-of-the-art technology over the course of the facility’s initial winter maintenance outages. The plant will be operational in mid-2003. InterGen has begun capital equipment procurement and is committed to completing the installation of all units within 30 months of commercial operations. Deployed in a staged fashion, the plant will be available to provide power for the peak demand summer seasons in both countries.

In addition, this schedule will allow InterGen to keep some portion of the plant on line to meet legal power contract commitments to Mexico’s national utility. Finally, there is an added environmental benefit with La Rosita being continually operational — the plant’s electricity will displace power generated by older, higher emission facilities, resulting in improved air quality in the region.

InterGen is actively moving forward with a complex series of steps to install the SCR system. Included in these are re-working the engineering and procurement contract, modifying gas supply and electricity offtake contracts and modifying local environmental permits.

InterGen is a global power generation firm. The company is operating or building a total of 21 power stations worldwide representing 16,690 MW. It also has projects in active development representing an additional 3,870 MW. The company has projects operating, under construction and/or in active development in the United States, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Colombia, Mexico, China, Egypt, Turkey, Brazil, Australia the Netherlands, Spain, Singapore and Germany. InterGen is a Shell-Bechtel venture.

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