Kuhlman Electric Corp. forms joint marketing agreement with Moser-Glaser unit

Oct. 10, 2003 — Kuhlman Electric Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of electrical transformers for utilities and other users of electric energy since 1894, and MGC Technology, Ltd., a subsidiary of Moser-Glaser & Co. Ltd., an energy technology company and global manufacturer of electrical busbar systems up to 245 kV and 8 kA, announced that they have successfully concluded a joint marketing agreement in which Kuhlman will have exclusive responsibility to sell, market, install and service MGC Technology products in the United States and Mexico.

Many years of industry experience and precise, systematic product development have brought MGC medium and high voltage busbar technology to the highest standards available.

Highly competent applications experts contribute to providing specific customer solutions worldwide and modern test laboratories assure the reliability of all MGC products. Such tests are performed and recorded according to recognized international standards. In addition to “in house” lab tests, MGC engineers also perform field tests on site if so required by the customer and oil samples, gas analyses, leak tests and damage inspections are undertaken on components and plants if needed.

MGC’s professional expertise in metering and transmission engineering for medium and high voltage systems is constantly incorporated into their engineering services. Highly competent assembly crews are capable of assembly, testing and start up procedures. With over 40 years of global busbar installation experience, MGC ensures reliable assembly, testing and inspection service. Extensive CAD and database registers provide up-to-date, extensive plant documentation for proactive maintenance, repair service and retrofit conversions of older plants and electrical systems.

“The Kuhlman – Moser-Glaser partnership provides a logical extension to Kuhlman Electric’s responsiveness to its utility customers’ product and service needs,” said Brian O’Leary, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Kuhlman Electric Corporation, Versailles, Kentucky.

“Creating an effective market presence in the USA with a strong partner was a very important consideration and important next step in our company’s continuing development,” said Felix Artho, CEO of MGC Technology, Ltd. “To accomplish this, we needed a partner with excellent know-how and resources in power distribution as well as in field engineering services. Together with Kuhlman, we can now jointly provide our customers with the best product and services available in the electrical industry.”

About Kuhlman Electric Corporation

Kuhlman Electric Corporation, founded in 1894, is a manufacturer and designer of medium power, distribution, and instrument transformers for electrical distribution systems serving residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout North America and around the world. The company, headquartered in Versailles, Kentucky, is owned by The Carlyle Group, the premier, global private equity firm headquartered in Washington, D.C. Kuhlman employs approximately 700 people in its two manufacturing facilities located in Crystal Springs, Mississippi and Versailles, Kentucky.

Kuhlman Electric Corporation has built a solid professional reputation with over 100 years of providing quality transformer products and services to North American electrical utility and industrial customers.

For more information, please contact Richard D. Adkins at kuhlman@kuhlman.com or visit the company’s Web site at www.kuhlman.com.

About MGC Technology Ltd.

MGC Technology Ltd. was formed in 1914 in Switzerland under the name of Moser-Glaser & Co. Ltd. The family business started off developing, producing and marketing small transformers. The gradual growth of electro-economics in the twenties and thirties was also accompanied by continuous progress in construction of power and instrument transformers across Europe.

A major break-through for the company was achieved in the late forties when epoxy cast resins were first used as insulation material for medium voltage transformers. This cast resin process for medium and high voltage products is still considered state of the art today. The Durescaà¢â€ž- busbar technology, which emerged from this process in the mid-fifties was an interesting diversification for the company into the worldwide engineering and plant sectors.

In a close collaboration with one of the leading European power plant suppliers, MGC developed the busbar system Gaslinkà¢â€ž- in the eighties. The Tirescaà¢â€ž- busbar system was originally designed for the French market but soon gained worldwide acceptance. This partially isolated system is an alternative to the fully isolated Durescaà¢â€ž- system.

For more information, please visit the MGC Technology web site at: www.mgc.ch

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