Mariah Energy Corp. opens new production facility for microturbine CHP operations

CALGARY, April 10, 2003 – Mariah Energy Corp. announces the opening of a new fabrication facility at 1323 Hastings Crescent in SE Calgary, Alberta. The move from the current manufacturing location in the community of Inglewood, Calgary, Alberta to the new facility will take place in May 1, 2003.

Mariah Energy Corp. is a distributed micro-utility that manufactures Clean Heat PlusPowerâ„- systems. The system can be thought of as a hot water heater that generates electricity, as the microturbine-based system combines the functions of a continuous-use hot water heating system and on-site power generator.

Presently, two system sizes are manufactured. The 60/30 Heat PlusPower system provides 60kW of continuous heat and 30kW of electric power, and the 120/60 Heat PlusPower system has double this capacity.

The Inglewood shop has been home to Mariah Energy’s Research and Development team since the company’s inception in 1998. As the company expands, and more systems are sold, there is a need to move to a facility that will accommodate commercial production.

Mariah’s research and development department, which represents a small portion of the company, will continue to make use of the Inglewood shop.

“The move to the new facility represents the growth Mariah is experiencing as a commercial company,” says Mariah’s president and CEO Paul Liddy. “With the new shop space, production can be streamlined and stepped up, while efficiencies are increased.”

There are 21 systems currently in installations throughout Canada and into the U.S.A.

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