Matanuska Electric Association builds Alaska power plant

Anchorage, Alaska, June 25, 2012 – Groundbreaking of the 171 MW Matanuska Electric Association Generation Plant, located near Anchorage, Alaska, will take place on June 26.

Wartsila‘s scope of supply to the MEA plant will include ten 18-cylinder Wartsila 50DF dual-fuel generating sets that will be operated primarily on natural gas. However, in case of interruption to the gas supply, the advanced Wartsila dual-fuel technology enables the engines to switch smoothly while operating to an alternative fuel, in this case light fuel oil. Wartsila will also supply specified auxiliary equipment.

The future power plant’s Wartsila generating sets will meet the state of Alaska air quality permits specific to this project and will provide the reliability, efficiency and environmental sustainability required by MEA.

The plant will supply electricity to more than 100,000 households and will add power to the local grid and MEA’s roughly 4,000 miles of transmission and distribution lines.

With this project, Wartsila has more than 1,870 MW of flexible power plant capacity, either installed or on order in the U.S.

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