National Clean Fuels inks deal for carbon emissions monitoring tech

Houston, April 29, 2010 — National Clean Fuels executed an option agreement with Emission Phase Acquiring Solutions. The agreement gives NACF the ability to perform due diligence with EPAS in anticipation of a definitive agreement to assist EPAS with expanding business for proprietary new carbon emissions technology.

Should the due diligence proceed as expected, management of the company believes the arrangement will result in a profitable arrangement.

Through its infrared based technology, EPAS is able to give real-time carbon emissions as well as MW production data on all types of power plants, including coal, natural gas and nuclear. The technology has patent pending in the US and internationally, since 2005.

The information is provided 24/7 and is specific, down to the individual unit. In addition, because it is visually based, clients can confirm for themselves the status of the plants by simply looking at a live picture. The whole package is delivered in an easy to read web-based format.

This technology provides crucial information to emission traders, energy traders, power plant operators and emissions regulators, and gives them a potent competitive advantage in their respected fields.

National Clean Fuels develops alternative energy projects and relationships in a sector that is growing to compete in the energy industry, which contains Massey Energy Co., Sandridge Energy Inc., Duke Energy Corp. and Linn Energy.

National Clean Fuels commercializes clean energy technologies. National Clean Fuels, Inc. is an emerging industry player capitalizing on its understanding of clean energy technology and supporting the development of alternative energy plans for corporations and government entities.


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