Natural gas power plant hits safe power generation milestone

Employees at the 226 MW Fort Churchill Generating Station achieved a milestone by marking 27 years of safe power plant operation without a lost time accident.

The last time a lost-time accident was recorded at the power plant, Ronald Reagan was president, a gallon of gas sold for 89 cents and digital cell phones were not yet invented.

The last lost time accident was experienced March 30, 1987. The first generating unit at the power plant went into service in 1968, followed by a second unit in 1971.

According to the national Edison Electric Institute, the Fort Churchill natural gas-fueled plant has the longest safety record for any fossil-fueled generating station in the nation. The power plant, which is located in northwestern Nevada, employs 27 people and can produce enough electricity to serve about 135,000 Nevada households.

During the past quarter century, the plant has embraced more than 1,600 safety suggestions, which surfaced through safety audits, safety committee recommendations, and individual contributions.

Considering the fact that many employees have retired, moved on to new jobs and NV Energy routinely rotates workers, it is also notable that six employees have worked safely at the plant for the full 27-year period.

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