Natural gas vehicles play pivotal role in Obama energy plan

Reducing America’s dependence on imported oil is a primary goal of the energy plan just announced by President Barack Obama, and increasing the use of natural gas vehicles is one of the President’s key strategies, according to Natural Gas Vehicles of America (NGVAmerica).

In unveiling the details of his “Blueprint for a Clean and Secure Energy Future,” the President said, “The only way to really break this cycle of spiking gas prices, the only way to break that cycle for good, is to shift our cars entirely—our cars and trucks—off oil.”

To help achieve this, the President’s plan “commits to partnering with the private sector to adopt natural gas and other alternative fuels in the Nation’s trucking fleet.”  Specifically, the plan calls for “putting  in  place  new incentives for medium- and heavy-duty trucks that run on natural gas or other alternative fuels, providing a credit for 50 percent of the incremental cost of a dedicated alternative-fuel truck for a five-year period; supporting research to ensure the safe and responsible use of natural gas; and funding  to  support  a  select  number  of  deployment  communities.”

To undertake that research, the plan also calls for establishing a $2 billion, 10-year Energy Security Trust that “will support research into a range of cost-effective technologies—like advanced vehicles that run on electricity, homegrown biofuels, fuel cells, and domestically produced natural gas””

“It’s gratifying to see President Obama espousing the increased use of natural gas vehicles,” said Richard Kolodziej, president of NGVAmerica. “The natural gas vehicle market is already growing, but the vehicle incentives the President calls for would help accelerate that growth and help displace foreign oil use even faster. We’re also excited about the Energy Security Trust. Through more research and development, natural gas vehicles will become even more efficient, more cost-effective and cleaner.”


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