New STI fly ash separation plant opens in Jacksonville

Needham, MA, June 19, 2003 — Opening Separation Technologies’ new fly ash separation plant at the JEA plant in Jacksonville’s St. John’s River Power Park, STI President Joe Teves noted that the plant would result in very real benefits for JEA as well as for concrete manufacturers in the region.

“There are a lot of winners in this arrangement,” Teves said, “The new separation plant is a major component to JEA’s fly ash management program which will benefit the environment. And, concrete manufacturers will get a superior and more cost-effective product by using the fly ash that STI processes.”

STI’s patented process separates out the unwanted carbon material from raw fly ash to provide a consistent, higher quality fly ash supply for concrete manufacturers. The processed fly ash is used to replace a portion of the cement in concrete mixes.

Also at the opening ceremony, Dave Brodhacker, STI’s Southeastern Regional Sales Manager said, “I’m really looking forward to working with the Jacksonville area ready mix companies to show them what our processed ash can do for their bottom line and for the performance of their products.”

Using the processed fly ash in concrete will also have a positive environmental impact. When full processing capacity is reached, more than 200,000 tons of fly ash may be used annually by concrete manufacturers, reducing JEA’s need for landfill space. In addition, JEA and STI have agreed to look at ways to use the high carbon byproduct from the ash processing, as supplemental fuel at another generating plant.

Jacksonville is also the first installation site of STI’s patented ammonia removal process. Ammonia removal isn’t always required, as it isn’t always present. With STI’s low cost, effective process in place, however, plants can remove the strong and unacceptable ammonia fumes when present.

Other STI plants are located in Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina, and Scotland. For more information, visit the STI website at

STI is a Titan America business. Titan America is a cement and building materials producer in the Eastern United States. Operations include cement plants, ready-mix concrete plants, concrete block plants, quarries, import and rail terminals, as well as fly ash production facilities. Headquartered in Norfolk, VA, the company operates all of the U.S. assets for its parent company, Titan Cement, headquartered in Athens, Greece. Titan Cement is publicly traded on the Athens Stock Exchange. The Titan America web site, with links to all Titan America businesses, is located at

Editor’s note: The American Coal Council and the American Coal Ash Association has released a fact sheet on fly ash. The document is available for download in PDF format at the ACC web site,

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