Nuclear plant shut down by – jellyfish?

Plant operator E.On shut down Oskarshamn-3, a unit of Sweden’s most powerful nuclear power plant, after an intake port for cooling water became choked with jellyfish swimming in the waters along the Baltic coast.

The 1,400 MW power plant, which is more than 200 miles south of Stockholm, provides about 5 percent of Sweden‘s electric power.


Oskarshamn-1 had to shut down in August 2005 for the same reason. Plant operators said it takes a “huge amount” of jellyfish to cause a problem like this.

The species of jellyfish causing the problem are called moon jellyfish. They have pale, translucent bodies and live along coastlines.

Oskarshamn-3 was halted on September 8 for maintenance and was scheduled to resume output September 27.

The plant is jointly owned by E.On and Finland-based utility company Fortum.

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