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When Traditional Overhead Construction Is Not an Option

Tuesday, August 17, 2021 | 11 AM EDT

This webinar we will review Aerial Spacer Cable applications relative to the many overhead circuit challenges faced by electric utilities today. These applications include limited right of way, multiple circuits, substation exits, long spans, weather extremes and vegetation management.

The Increasing Importance of Advanced Weather Technologies In Building Utility Operations and Field Services...

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In this session, we will share how the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning in combination with modern modeling techniques, geospatial data and predictive analytics is enabling utilities to build greater resilience across their utility operations and field services organizations. John Villali from IDC will share his perspectives on the key benefits of these technologies while Rob Berglund from IBM will share examples of clients who are benefiting from their use.

Customer Care: The New Reality is a Merged Reality

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Imagine if you could attend home visits virtually, guiding customers through trouble-shooting or other activities while in a separate location? This merged reality is happening today! Learn how a virtual tech site visit guarantees compliance with health guidelines, while reducing truck rolls and other costs.

The future of energy in the US could hinge on permitting reform and greater...

Energy powerhouses, Ernest Moniz and Lynn Good, talk politics, R&D, stakeholder engagement, transmission, EVs and a host of other topics around the future of energy in the US.

Belarus nuclear plant resumes producing electricity

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) – Belarus' nuclear power plant, which went out of service a few days after it started operating, resumed producing electricity, officials...
Catrans Mission CA

Energy Cast Podcast: Californian conundrum

Energy Cast is a podcast featuring some of the top experts across all links in the energy industry chain, including electric vehicles, renewables, generation...

FirstEnergy Corp sets goal to become carbon free by 2050

CLEVELAND (AP) – Amid intense scrutiny of the roles company officials played in an alleged $60 million bribery scheme to obtain a $1 billion...

US nuclear lab partnering with utility to produce hydrogen

BOISE, Idaho (AP) – The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded just under $14 million for an attempt to build a hydrogen-energy production facility...

Idaho National Lab R&D chief delivering keynote at nuclear friendly POWERGEN+ November series

Many energy industry leaders from both the red and blue sides of the aisle believe that true, reliable carbon-free power is impossible without some...

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