Pantellos teams with FlyAshDirect to promote CCP marketing tool

Cincinnati, OH, Jan. 16, 2003 – FlyAshDirect and Pantellos have developed a joint PCA (Pantellos Collaborative Agreement) offering for FlyAshDirect’s web-based CCP marketing assistance program. This PCA offering is available at a substantially discounted price to all Pantellos customers.

Pantellos ( is a supply chain services company for the utility and energy industry. Built by the industry, for the industry, Pantellos provides tools, technology and resources to help customers save time, save money and accomplish their business objectives.

FlyAshDirect (, as a comprehensive database of coal-fired power plants, utilizes the latest technology to maintain and disseminate information necessary to stimulate commerce between electric utilities and CCP users, and opens new marketing and utilization opportunities for Coal Combustion By-Products.

FlyAshDirect Services Include:

“- CCP Materials Testing and Analysis – Determines suitability of a particular utility’s CCPs for reuse in specific industries and products, as well as verifies state DOT and construction standards for the utility’s CCPs .

“- Detailed Market Analysis – Includes a detailed analysis of potential uses for the utility’s marketable CCPs, market demand, pricing recommendations, competitor analysis.

“- Detailed Web Site Inclusion – Potential customers have access 24 hours a day to the latest information about the utility’s CCP resources, including current availability, current quality test results, loading instructions, safety requirements, key contacts and more via

“- Potential Customer Research – Lists provided by FlyAshDirect include Detailed Company Information, Detailed Key Contact Information, Telephone and Fax Numbers, Company Size, Annual Sales Data, and much more to aid the utility in marketing their CCPs.

“- Technical Archive Compilation – FlyAshDirect compiles the latest technical information related to both the technical and cost-saving benefits of using each utility’s specific CCPs in various industries and products, and makes this information available to potential customers.

“- Technical Archive Distribution – FlyAshDirect’s automated systems keep in constant contact with the utility’s potential customers, distributing key technical information via mail, email, fax, and newsletters that lead the customer to contact the utility for more information about its CCPs.

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