Peach Bottom nuclear plant Unit 3 returned to service

Delta, Pa., October 17, 2011 — Following a safe and successful refueling outage, station operators placed Peach Bottom Unit 3 back in service October 16.

During the outage, workers replaced nearly a third of the reactor’s fuel and safely performed more than 15,000 inspections and maintenance activities on a variety of plant components and systems.

This year, workers also upgraded Unit 3’s low-pressure turbines and implemented plant improvements to further safeguard equipment in the event of a fire or electrical disturbance.

Peach Bottom nuclear power plant used the talents and expertise of more than 2,500 supplemental workers to support this year’s refueling outage. Many of these workers traveled to Peach Bottom from outside the area, providing a boost to the local economy.

Peach Bottom is home to two boiling water reactors that went online in 1974 and jointly produce over 2,200 MW of electricity, providing safe, clean and reliable power to more than two million homes. Peach Bottom and its employees are very active in the community, volunteering, hosting tours, visiting area schools, appearing at community events and financially supporting dozens of civic organizations each year.

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