PGE issues request for power generating resources

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Portland, Ore., January 5, 2012 — Portland General Electric Co. issued a draft of a request for proposals that is expected to open for bids in the second quarter of 2012, seeking electric power generating resources to help meet PGE’s capacity and energy needs.

The draft RFP gives potential bidders an opportunity to review and ask questions about PGE‘s request in advance of the bidding window.

In keeping with guidance issued by the Oregon Public Utility Commission in September 2011 the draft RFP combines a request for resources to meet day-to-day baseload power needs with a request for flexible and peaking resources to meet periods of high demand and help integrate variable renewable energy resources into PGE’s system.

Specifically, the RFP will seek about 400 MW of baseload resources, about 200 MW of year-round flexible and peaking resources, and two seasonal peaking resources — about 200 MW of bi-seasonal (winter and summer) peaking supply and about 150 MW of winter-only peaking supply. PGE plans to bring these resources into its portfolio in the 2013-2017 timeframe.

PGE will hold two workshops to help inform interested parties and potential bidders and seek input on the draft RFP.  PGE will submit a final draft RFP to the Oregon Public Utility Commission following the workshops. The commission will consider formal comments from stakeholders and a recommendation from its staff before ruling on the submitted RFP.

This RFP is conducted pursuant to competitive bidding guidelines established by the OPUC. It is one of two planned RFPs for the addition of new generation resources pursuant to the PGE integrated resource plan acknowledged by the OPUC in November 2010. PGE expects to issue the second RFP, for renewable resources, later this year.

PGE plans to submit self-build “benchmark” proposals in this competitive bidding process for new energy and capacity resources, and will also allow third-party bidders an option to submit proposals to build on PGE-owned sites — the Carty site near PGE’s existing Boardman Power Plant for the baseload resource and a site adjacent to PGE’s existing Port Westward Plant for the flexible capacity resource. PGE will own and operate any resources developed on PGE’s sites.

Accion Group, Inc., an independent evaluator hired by the OPUC, will assist in conducting the RFPs and reviewing bids to assure an open and impartial process. The independent evaluator will also provide an assessment of the bid scoring, including PGE’s benchmark proposals, and short list selection resulting from the RFPs. The IE will then issue a closing report with a detailed assessment of the process and its results.

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