Powerspan Announces CO2 Capture Technology Pilot Test Results

Portsmouth, N.H., December 22, 2009 –- Powerspan Corp. announced test results today from a pilot unit demonstrating its post-combustion ECO2 carbon capture technology for coal-fired power plants (read more on carbon capture technology).  The 1-MW pilot test unit is located at FirstEnergy Corp.’s R.E. Burger Plant near Shadyside, Ohio. The test results show that the pilot unit is meeting its performance goals.


During extended runs, the pilot unit averaged greater than 90 percent CO2 capture at design inlet CO2 conditions with regeneration energy of less than 1,200 Btu/lb after heat integration. The product CO2 was purified to meet industrial pipeline specifications using equipment that is part of the pilot installation. The pilot unit has demonstrated that it can adapt to the normal changes of an operating power plant, which is a necessary step in moving toward commercial scale systems.


For more on emissions and environment, click here.


In early 2010, Powerspan plans to publish an independent review of pilot test results along with an independent assessment of commercial cost implications. This review will be conducted by a leading global provider of engineering services to the energy, resource and chemical process industries.

In December 2008, commissioning of the ECO2 pilot unit was completed and pilot testing began. During 2009, Powerspan made enhancements to the pilot configuration resulting in improved performance at lower energy cost. Powerspan is continuing to optimize the pilot system at the Burger Plant. The ECO2 pilot unit is jointly funded by Powerspan and FirstEnergy.

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