Procter & Gamble selects Vogt Power International for turnkey replacement of power plant emissions systems

Burlington, MA, Dec. 15, 2003 — Vogt Power International Inc. (VPI) has recently been awarded a turnkey contract for an SCR and CO replacement project for Procter & Gamble’s (P&G) Oxnard Combined Cycle Power Plant in Oxnard, CA. This award consists of the manufacture and delivery of replacement SCR Catalyst modules and a new CO catalyst system for the existing HRSG.

Vogt Power International’s scope includes the design, supply and installation of a new CO Catalyst System and the replacement of existing SCR catalyst blocks, including detailed engineering, support structure, seals, SCR and CO catalyst, erection, re-commissioning, and overall project management.

The design activities will also include a new Thermal Study in order to generate the data required for optimum SCR and CO catalyst selection.

Concerning the P&G award, Jeff Daiber, Director of VPI’s Aftermarket Group, stated that, “We are pleased to be partnering with P&G on this project and look forward to serving other Industrial companies and Power Generators in finding solutions to meet their ever tightening emission requirements. Our goal is to offer performance and efficiency improvement solutions to our customers’ existing power investments, regardless of the HRSG OEM”.

VPI designs, engineers, and fabricates HRSGs for gas turbine sizes ranging from 20 to 265 megawatts and has units operating in 29 countries around the world. It also offers a full set of after market capabilities and services for any existing HRSG design, regardless of the OEM. VPI and its predecessor companies have a long history of supplying boilers to the power industry, with its first HRSG being sold in 1962, and supplying the industry’s first integral deaerator, first interstage burner and first reheat HRSGs.

Babcock Power Inc., through its subsidiaries, is a supplier of technology, equipment, and services to the power generation industry.

In addition to the products and services furnished by Vogt Power International Inc., BPI also provides heat exchangers and after market services associated with such heat exchangers, including moisture separator reheaters and feedwater heaters to nuclear facilities, and feedwater heaters and surface condensers for fossil plants through its TEi subsidiary located in Los Angeles, CA, and provides steam generators, environmental solutions (including SCRs, flue gas scrubbers and mercury removal systems), and after market solutions to the electric utility and waste-to-energy industries through its environmental and services subsidiaries located in Worcester, MA.

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