Ergonomic Thermograph Camera Series

FLIR Systems Inc. introduced the T530 and T540 professional thermal imaging cameras, designed for thermographers who operate in a variety of environments including power generation, electrical distribution and research laboratories.

These new cameras offer enhanced ergonomics with 180-degree rotating optical blocks, laser-assisted autofocus and auto-calibrating lenses that are interchangeable with select FLIR camera models. FLIR designed the T500-Series to reduce the strain of continual thermal inspections by offering a 180-degree rotating optical block. With the ability to rotate the camera further, thermographers can image targets overhead, below or even around obstructions from a comfortable position. Featuring AutoCalTM optics, the lenses can be shared between T500-Series models or with the new line of FLIR Exx-Series cameras without the need for secondary pairing or factory recalibration.

FLIR Systems Inc.


Grid Technology Development Kit

Itron Inc. has released a next generation Itron Riva development kit, expanding options for the Itron Riva developers community. The Riva development kit provides a speedy path for third party developers to connect Internet of Things (IoT) devices to Itron’s OpenWay Rivaà¢â€ž- network in the field.

Featuring a more compact design and core inputs and outputs (I/Os) to connect with the most commonly used sensors in the industry, the development kit will allow third party developers to more quickly, easily and cost-effectively pilot new technologies. It is designed to fit more compact applications, such as smart streetlights, electric vehicle charging stations and distribution automation gateways.

Itron Inc.


vGIS Integration Platform

Meemim Corp. has introduced the vGIS platform to enable technology integration. Meemim vGIS is specifically designed to meet the needs of municipalities and utility companies. The system relies on four key technologies: Meemim’s own knowledge management and spatial processing platforms, ESRI’s ArcGIS, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft HoloLens.

The vGIS application integrates these four technologies, along with visual and audio communication, to provide on-site field technicians with a hands-free experience that offers an integrated view of underground lines, full line and component details with supporting documentation, and real-time collaboration with office-based project and planning staff.

Meemim Corp.


IoT Development Kit

Silver Spring Networks Inc. announced the extension of its developer program with the introduction of a new developer portal, developer kits and a simulation tool for application development. Silver Spring aims to accelerate innovation for the Internet of Important Thingsà¢â€ž- by streamlining the development process and expanding the number of solution partners with access to Silver Spring’s platform.

Support for the Arduino developer environment, the simplification of software tools, and the new developer portal will broaden the potential devices and applications that can integrate Silver Spring’s IoT technology into solutions for utilities, cities and industrial companies. The developer program is open to new and existing customers and developers who are building the next generation of sensors, actuators, devices and applications within the smart utility, smart city and industrial IoT sectors

Silver Spring Networks Inc.


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