Puget Sound Energy solicits offers for new power supply

Bellevue, Wash., October 18, 2011 — Puget Sound Energy issued a request for proposals that solicits outside power-supply offers for meeting customers’ long-range electricity needs.

The RFP, approved last week by the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission, calls for bids capable of starting power delivery to PSE as early as December 2012 but no later than December 2015.

PSE will consider various commercial arrangements, including contractual power purchases and ownership participation in new or existing power-production facilities. The utility will give preference to long-term supply proposals, preferably with contract terms of four years or longer.

The deadline for submittal of supply offers is Nov. 1.

An updated assessment of the utility’s portfolio needs and PSE customers’ peak power requirements shows a utility need for about 385 MW of power-supply capacity by the end of 2012. The need increases to nearly 900 MW by 2016.

A weak economy, together with aggressive PSE energy-efficiency programs for customers, has moderated the utility’s overall requirements for electric energy. The utility continues to see increased need for new power supply, however, to meet its customers’ wintertime peaks in power demand.

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