ReGENco and Liburdi form alliance

Dec. 9, 2003 — ReGENco and Liburdi Engineering LTD announced Tuesday that they have formally entered into a long-term alliance.

The complementary nature of each company’s capabilities will expand the range of integrated combustion turbine maintenance services available to each of the company’s respective customers.

Under the agreement, ReGENco’s ability to service large industrial combustion turbine rotors will now be augmented by Liburdi’s OEM-caliber know-how and experience in performing combustion and hot gas path repairs that maximize the lifetime of components. In reciprocation, Liburdi’s customers will benefit by gaining access to ReGENco’s OEM-caliber rotor repair facility, state-of-the-art balance facility and steam turbine and generator repair capabilities. Both companies will maintain their independent identities and channels to market.

According to John C. Bobrowich, ReGENco’s President & CEO, “the alliance with Liburdi is ideally positioned to serve our large frame industrial combustion turbine customers who desire to minimize their operating costs by maximizing the service possible from their expensive hot gas path parts. Liburdi is a tremendously capable organization whose exclusive rejuvenation heat treatments and powder metallurgy repairs enable customers to operate parts reliably significantly beyond their original design life. Liburdi’s extensive experience with aero engines also uniquely qualifies them to service the largest and most advanced industrial frame engines in service today.”

According to Joe Liburdi, President of Liburdi Engineering LTD, “the alliance with ReGENco is an excellent opportunity to further augment Liburdi’s capability by gaining access to ReGENco’s expansive customer base, West Allis CT rotor repair facility, and steam turbine and generator repair capabilities. ReGENco’s strong focus on technologically superior repairs backed by significant engineering resources is a good cultural fit with Liburdi capability. We are really looking forward to this next step in the natural progression of the relationship with our friends in West Allis.”

ReGENco was formed in 1999 to preserve the high quality turbine and generator service capability historically provided to customers from their West Allis facility. Drawing upon the large local pool of skilled turbine and generator engineers and craft labor, ReGENco has created an OEM caliber repair facility, which includes the industry’s largest, independently owned high-speed balance bunker and low speed balance and lathing center. The independent nature of the company, combined with its exceptionally strong engineering and craft competencies, enable ReGENco to provide the highest quality, value added, repair solutions.

Liburdi was formed in 1979 to provide technical consulting services to the power industry. Company principals, with extensive OEM experience, had developed the key techniques in current use for combustion turbine material analysis, hot gas path refurbishment, and design modifications and upgrades.

Since then, the technical base has been expanded and diversified to include a wide range of combustion turbine repairs, including life and failure assessment, rejuvenation heat treatment, powdered metallurgy, and innovative welding repairs. Liburdi’s technical strength and experience with aero and industrial turbines can be applied to many specialized repair needs. It is a non-OEM independent provider of combustion turbine repair and consulting services.


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