Russian power plant upgrade features GE technology

St. Petersburg, Russia, May 5, 2011 – GE’s advanced gas turbine technology has been selected for a power plant upgrade that will help meet the energy needs of a rapidly growing industrial district in St. Petersburg, the capital of Russia’s northwest region.

An aging power plant in St. Petersburg’s Kolpino district, which encompasses more than 30 large industrial and manufacturing companies, has been unable to meet the area’s constantly growing demand for power.

GSR Energo, a local electricity and heat supplier, is building a new combined-cycle power plant in two phases, with each phase to add 110 MW of power and 89 MW of heating capacity. In a combined-cycle power plant, waste heat from a gas turbine is captured and used to drive a steam turbine-generator to produce additional energy.

GE will supply a Frame 6FA gas turbine and associated generator for the Kolpino project. The unit is expected to be shipped by the end of 2011, with commercial operation scheduled to start during 2013.

The mid-sized member of GE’s F technology fleet of gas turbines, the 6FA is well-suited for combined-cycle, industrial and cogeneration applications. More than 100 units are installed globally and have completed 3 million hours of service, making the 6FA one of the most experienced gas turbines in its class.

Kolpino continues a series of recent GE projects that support the growth of Russia‘s energy infrastructure. Over the past several months, GE has announced a power plant project in Berezniki, an industrial city in Russia’s Urals Federal District; a framework agreement with one of Russia’s largest electric power companies to manufacture energy-efficient, heavy duty gas turbines in Russia; and the grand opening of the GE Energy Technology Center in Russia’s Kuluga region, which will manufacture and service advanced power generation equipment.

GE has been operating in Russia since the early 20th century and today has 2,500 employees in the country. GE is represented across the country in multiple industries including healthcare, transportation, aviation, electric power, oil and gas, water treatment, financial services, media, appliances, lighting and intelligent platforms.

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