Shaw Group completes 500 MW natural gas plant near Las Vegas

Baton Rouge, La., June 15, 2011 — The Shaw Group achieved substantial completion of a new, 500-MW nominal combined-cycle natural gas-fired plant for NV Energy at the existing Harry Allen Generating Station north of Las Vegas.

With the addition of the new natural gas-fired generating station, NV Energy increased its electricity generating capacity to meet the power needs of southern Nevada. The plant has been released to the owner for commercial operation.

Shaw received the engineering, procurement and construction contract from NV Energy in 2008 and began construction in 2009. As part of substantial completion, Shaw completed commissioning and testing of the units in April. All performance and environmental guarantees were achieved and verified during the testing period.

The gas turbine combined cycle project uses state-of-the art environmental control technology to minimize emissions. The two new combustion turbine generators work with two heat recovery steam generators that capture waste heat and convert it to steam to power a single steam turbine generator.

Incorporating technology specifically designed for a western U.S. environment, the plant uses a dry cooling system that helps to produce electricity by using only a fraction of the water required by other similar facilities.

Shaw has participated in dozens of gas projects and is performing EPC and commissioning work on two new, 620-MW natural gas-fired combined-cycle generating power plants in North Carolina.


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