Siemens invests about $43 million in Berlin gas turbine plant

Erlangen, Germany, July 21, 2011 — One of a total of six gas turbines intended for the U.S. customer Florida Power & Light is currently being put through its paces in the Siemens gas turbine manufacturing plant.

Siemens has enlarged its test bed specifically for this purpose. In addition, a new drilling station for casing parts has been installed to make production of the gas turbines even more efficient. The total investment volume adds up to $42.6 million.

More than 600 turbines from Berlin-Moabit have been delivered to date to customers all over the globe. The new turbine series — with the highest efficiency and output rating ever — is known as the H Class and is also produced in Berlin.

During a test run as part of the commissioning procedure for the Irsching 4 CCPP, Siemens recently wrote technology history by achieving an output of 578 MW (MW) and efficiency of 60.75 percent (net).

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