Siemens supplying five natural gas turbines for combined cycle plants

Erlangen, Germany, June 15, 2010 — Siemens Energy has been awarded contracts to supply a total of five state-of-the-art gas turbine-generator packages for two combined cycle power plants in the U.S.

The purchaser of the equipment is Progress Energy Carolinas, Inc., a unit of Progress Energy Inc.

The natural gas-fueled power plants will be replacing old coal-fired generation, resulting in an estimated 60 percent reduction in the facilities’ carbon dioxide emission rate, 100 percent decrease in mercury emissions, nearly 100 percent decrease in the sulfur-dioxides emissions rate and more than 95 percent decrease in the nitrogen-oxides emissions rate.

The 950-MW rated Lee plant is part of the H.F. Lee Energy Complex located near Goldsboro, N.C.

The Siemens scope of supply encompasses three SGT6-PAC 5000F gas turbine packages, consisting of a SGT6-5000F gas turbine with a rated capacity of 206 MW, an air-cooled generator and the innovative SPPA-T3000 plant control system.

The turbine includes a dual fuel — Ultra Low NOx combustion system, extended outage interval parts and low carbon monoxide turndown.

The Lee plant is expected to be commissioned in December 2012. Two SGT6-PAC 5000F gas turbine packages consisting of the same components will be installed at the 600-MW rated Sutton plant, located near Wilmington, N.C. The Sutton plant is expected to be commissioned in December 2013.


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