Skipping Stone focuses InsidersAlert on strategic market opportunities

Philadelphia, PA, May 22, 2003 – Skipping Stone, Inc., an energy industry consulting firm today announces a new focus for its InsidersAlertSM, offering an alternative information source for retail markets.

“Despite some hesitancy in retail markets, new markets are opening and the need for information that will reveal hidden opportunities is greater than ever,” according to Matthew Rose, Director of Retail Markets Consulting for Skipping Stone.

Rose believes that, “Although the Department Of Energy (DOE) has long offered similar information in its newsletter, due to lack of funding, their information is no longer available to help retail energy participants to take advantage of emerging opportunities by strategically positioning their businesses.”

Skipping Stone steps up to the challenge of offering this information, which is in demand by sophisticated retail participants. “The more information you can provide the better for me,” says Emmett Kelly, Manager of Regulatory Affairs, Itron, and long-standing InsidersAlert subscriber. Itron is a technology and knowledge provider to the gas, electric and water industry. Kelly goes on to say that, ” The InsidersAlert monthly report allows me to keep my finger on the activities state by state associated with deregulation. Since I cover the entire US and Canada, I rely on the report to keep me current and to alert me to significant change and possible opportunity. The monthly report is also shared with Itron employees who are interested in state activities.”

InsidersAlert is produced by Skipping Stone and is a monthly market intelligence guide that has successfully helped market participants for over four years. InsidersAlert is prepared by industry experts and provides timely and comprehensive intelligence in the electric and natural gas markets.

Skipping Stone, Inc. is an independent energy consulting and technology firm founded by visionary business leaders from the energy industry. Skipping Stone’s proven professionals serve the energy marketplace with a broad mix of products and services that assist companies from initial business planning through maturity. More information on the company and InsidersAlert is available at the Skipping Stone web site,

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