Titan Energy selling distributed generation to the U.S. military

Minneapolis, October 14, 2000 – Titan Energy Worldwide, Inc., a distributed power generation products company, won a contract for $670,000 from by a division of the U.S. military.

Combined with other military and Homeland Security orders last month, Titan Energy has surpassed $1.2 million in government orders during the last two months.

“Titan Energy continues to build and strengthen our relationships with various divisions of the U.S. military. While helping to support our national interests, we are able to provide the armed forces with state-of-the-art distributed power generation equipment and superior service,” stated Thomas Vagts, general manager of Titan Energy Services.

Titan Energy provides back-up, emergency and ancillary power systems to support a wide range of critical operations in both the military and private sectors.

These systems provide distributed energy during emergencies, natural disasters or during times when power from the electrical grid is suboptimal or unavailable.

Titan Energy provides engineering, planning, equipment and service support on all its power systems, which range from 50kW to multiple megawatts in size.

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