United Arab Emirates wins OK for its first nuclear plant

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, July 17, 2012 – The Emirates Nuclear Energy Corp. won environmental clearance from the environment regulator from Abu Dhabi and expecting a construction license soon.

Nuclear energy is one of the methods adopted by Abu Dhabi in its commitment to the environment as emissions of carbon is nearly nil during the operation of nuclear energy plants.

A consortium from South Korea headed by Korea Electric Power Corp. (KEPCO) was appointed by the UAE in December 2009 to construct four nuclear reactors to cater to the growing demand of electricity in the country.

The UAE will be distributing 5,600 MW of electricity with low carbon following production of electricity by the four nuclear energy plants by 2020.

The UAE intends cutting down on its dependence on imported natural gas. The ENEC till date does not own a construction license from the Federal Authority of Nuclear Regulation (FANR) despite submitting an application for allowance in December 2010.

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