We Energies power plant hatches new peregrine falcons

According to We Energies, some new peregrine falcon chicks have hatched in nests hosted at several of the utilities’ power plants.

Click here for a live streaming camera of the falcon nest: www.we-energies.com/falcons

Click here for more information about the falcons:

We Energies has been working to help the peregrine falcon recover for nearly 25 years.

When the pesticide DDT was used in the 1950s and “Ëœ60s, the chemicals passed through the food chain, causing eggshell thinning that led to loss of young in many raptor species, including peregrines.

The utility now has peregrine nest boxes at six power plants. More than 200 chicks have been hatched at We Energies facilities.

During their recovery, about 20 percent of Wisconsin-born peregrine falcons have hatched in nesting boxes on our power plant chimneys.

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