Westinghouse to provide emergency power for Beznau Nuclear Plant

Pittsburgh, December 9, 2010 — Westinghouse Electric Co. has won a contract valued at about $172 million to provide two new emergency power buildings with related emergency power systems for Axpo AG’s Beznau Nuclear Power Plant in Dottingen, Switzerland.

Beznau is a 730 MWe two-unit nuclear plant equipped with Westinghouse pressurized water reactors.

The contract includes engineering, procurement and construction of two buildings, in total four diesel generator sets with sub-systems, switch gears and transformers, HVAC systems, fire-protection systems, as well as all related digital safety and non-safety instrumentation and control systems.

Westinghouse will provide full project management oversight and coordination of the interfaces to Axpo AG’s plant integration sub-project from its regional offices in Switzerland and Germany.

Each diesel generator will provide emergency power in the range of 3 MWe to one of the emergency power trains of Beznau Units 1 and 2. 

Emergency power connections for Beznau Units 1 and 2 currently are provided by a hydroelectric plant located on the Beznau nuclear island and existing emergency diesel power units; however, the hydroelectric plant is scheduled to be dismantled in 2015.

As a pre-condition, the new emergency power solution must be in place. This solution will address the site’s need for emergency power and provide space on the nuclear island for the envisaged new-build project, Beznau Unit 3. 

Preliminary contract work is under way and is scheduled to be completed during the Beznau Unit 1 spring 2014 and Beznau unit 2 fall 2014 outages.


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