2002 industrial, commercial and residential utility customer databases are now available

DURHAM, N.C., March 6, 2002 — Jackson Associates today announced the availability of 2002 MAISY utility customer databases for all states and more than 200 individual utility service areas.

Year 2002 updates reflect major extensions of MAISY commercial and residential databases which were first introduced in 1997. Industrial databases, which were introduced in 2000 for selected geographic areas, have been expanded and are now available for all states and service areas.

MAISY (Market Analysis and Information System) databases have been developed from information on more than 600,000 individual utility customers throughout the US and provide a representative sample of customers for individual states, regions and utility service areas.

The large number of customers within the state and service area databases maintains the diversity of actual customer populations, providing a much more accurate analysis of customers, markets and market segments compared to “average” customer information.

For instance, market analysis of “average” grocery stores provides a single result which is applicable only to customers whose energy use characteristics are close to the average whereas MAISY database systems permit analysis of the whole range of grocery store customers, each of whom provides different results based on individual characteristics.

MAISY customer database information is available in two formats: (1) full database information with standard MAISY database software and (2) database Profiler systems which extract specific information from the full databases providing results in customized Excel reports with tabular and graphical presentations.

More detailed information on the MAISY 2002 Databases is available at: http://www.maisy.com/energy.htm

Jackson Associates has been providing utility customer databases, energy and market analysis products and energy industry consulting since 1981. Clients include electric and gas utilities, energy service providers, ESCOS, research organizations, equipment manufacturers, companies considering entry into the energy services market and other organizations.

A detailed description of Jackson Associates is available at http://www.maisy.com

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