A New Year, A New Look!

A New Year, A New Look!

In early summer 1995, the first issue of Utility Automation was introduced as a supplement to PennWell`s Electric Light & Power magazine. While we felt the time was right to introduce a new magazine dealing with the technologies used to automate various utility functions, there was still a bit of apprehension about the magazine`s future. But just as we had hoped, we found that there was indeed a place for our magazine and readers were looking for the type of information we were furnishing.

Since that first supplement, the magazine has flourished. In 1996, it became a bi-monthly, stand-alone publication that continues to be well received by its readers. As the industry has changed, Utility Automation has changed with it. We have expanded the magazine`s scope to include many new IT and software related topics that are becoming critical to utilities operating in the new competitive environment. However, we have also continued to cover the core technologies on which the magazine was founded.

It is with this successful history that I am pleased to tell you that Utility Automation is taking another step forward. Not only is the magazine entering the new year with a new look, but it will be seen more frequently as well. Utility Automation will be published 10 times in 1999. The industry is changing so quickly and technology is playing such a major role in these changes, we feel the time is right to increase our frequency in order to provide you with even more valuable information about challenging technology and business issues.

Although I am excited about the frequency change, I am also very pleased with the magazine`s new look. I hope you like it as much as we do. You will notice that the magazine still contains the same quality editorial content it had before. We have also added a new department, PC Bits, that I think will appeal to anyone who uses a PC.

In addition to the noticeable changes seen in Utility Automation, you may also notice, by reading our Show-in-Print article on page 70, that DistribuTECH `99 is also changing. As Conference Program Chair, I have been involved with planning the conference sessions for this year`s event.

All of us at PennWell are very excited to have an entire new symposium covering energy buying and selling. Again, due to the changes that are taking place in our industry, we feel the time is right to expand the conference scope and address this new area that has developed with the onset of competition.

The number of quality papers and presentations that were submitted for consideration for the traditional technical symposium, as well as the new symposium, overwhelmed us. While the large number made the selection process difficult, it also made for a very good program. If you plan to attend this year`s conference and exhibition, I think you will find the event better than ever. If you have not yet made plans to attend, it is not too late. Please take a look at the article on page 70 and evaluate whether the conference might be beneficial to you.

These are exciting and unpredictable times for our industry. Since the very first issue of Utility Automation was mailed and the very first DistribuTECH Conference and Exhibition was held, PennWell has worked hard to provide you with current, relevant information. No matter how many changes we all go through, that goal remains the same.

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