A3 ALPHA with SmartSynch GPRS wireless communication module receives Measurement Canada approval

Raleigh, NC, Mar. 17, 2006 — Elster Metering announced that it has received Measurement Canada approval for the A3 ALPHA with GPRS.
The A3-GPRS meter is a full functioning A3 ALPHA meter with an integrated wireless GPRS communication module, developed by Elster’s business partner, SmartSynch.

The A3-GPRS is designed to offer utilities a cost effective communications option that lowers overall operational costs compared to that of traditional landline (POTS) communications. The technology allows for full two way communication to and from the meter, energy consumption in 5, 15, 30 or 60 minute intervals, real time reads and supports maximum demand and T-O-U rate tiers.

Due to its “always on” status, the A3-GPRS supports, outage/restoration notification, theft or tamper detection as well as meter alarm and diagnostic information, in real time.

The A3-GPRS technology builds upon other communications options offered by the Elster/SmartSynch partnership, namely the A3-ReFlex.

ReFlex and GPRS are public network technologies that use wireless carriers Pagenet and Rogers Communications respectively. Both utilize packet switch protocol. All data transactions are compressed, to transport and encrypted to minimize data size as well as to maximize security through the SmartSynch protocol.

Both A3-GPRS and A3-ReFlex, can operate simultaneously under one Transaction Management System (TMS). TMS is SmartSynch’s data collection software and is required to decompress and decrypt meter data. TMS manages communication between the A3 meter and the utility’s application system.

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