ABB and Pavilion renew alliance to help customers make better productivity decisions

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 6, 2002 — ABB Inc. and Pavilion Technologies have renewed their sales and technology alliance that provides solutions that enable manufacturers to gain greater control of their enterprise.

The alliance brings ABB customers the modeling and predictive capabilities of Pavilion’s Insights and Property Predictor software products as part of ABB’s Inform IT information management productivity suite.

“ABB customers are realizing the benefits of implementing Pavilion’s innovative technology as part of an integrated automation solution to make higher quality products, reduce waste; and increase yield, production speed and rate of return on infrastructure investments,” said Zafar Kamal, Vice President, Strategy and Channel Development, Enterprise Optimization, ABB Inc.

“These Pavilion products, combined with our robust InformIT Enterprise Historian offering, provide intelligent analysis of plant data for a wide range of manufacturing processes.”

ABB’s Inform IT productivity suite enables manufacturers and energy companies to capture enterprise data for future analysis. Decision makers can then use that stored data to make more informed business decisions, resulting in increased productivity and enterprise efficiencies.

Pavilion’s Property Predictor software lets manufacturers predict process parameters that can then serve as back-up lab samples and provide real-time process feedback to control systems. Insights software gives manufacturers the ability to perform data mining and off-line simulation. Together, the products help users to identify trends and operating patterns that can then be used to make productive changes in operations.

“This alliance provides ABB customers with enterprise data and analysis capability that enables them to extract the right process information and use it profitably – a critical function for any profit-conscious, collaborative manufacturing environment,” said Gail Moser, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Pavilion Technologies.

“Manufacturing and energy companies are faced with growing silos of data, but less knowledge about how to improve performance. This integrated offering gives ABB’s customers a valuable competitive advantage in the marketplace and positions them for enterprise optimization.”

Customers who purchase ABB’s Inform IT Enterprise Historian will also have access to Insights and Property Predictor software. The additional real-time process monitoring using Soft Sensor technology and ‘what-if’ functionality of Property Predictor can be activated for an upgrade fee.

ABB’s InformIT is a powerful suite of information management applications that include the latest version of ABB’s Enterprise Historian. As part of ABB’s comprehensive portfolio of Industrial IT solutions, InformIT increases manufacturing productivity in key ways by obtaining raw data and transforming it into process and business knowledge and wisdom.

Inform IT Enterprise Historian is part of ABB’s suite of integrated Industrial IT solutions that address the challenges that automation customers face in today’s e-business environment.

About Pavilion (
Pavilion Technologies, Inc. is a Real-time Enterprise Optimization (REO) software solutions company, helping businesses leverage the power of their information assets to make real-time decisions.

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