ABB Inc. releases Windows-based Metercat software version A3 Alpha Meter

RALEIGH, N.C., Feb. 26, 2002 — ABB Inc., a provider of electricity meters and IT system solutions throughout the world, announced today the release of Metercatà¢â€ž- 1.1.

Metercat is a powerful, meter configuration software package used to program and read ABB’s A3 ALPHA® meter.

The A3 ALPHA meter is a member of ABB’s ALPHA high accuracy, revenue grade electronic meters. Many improvements are available with Metercat version 1.1 including new meter communication tasks that simplify programming the meter and new load profile data options for exporting to MV-90 and ASCII file formats.

Meter Configuration and Analysis Tool

“With the increased communications capabilities of the A3 ALPHA Meter, this release of Metercat provides a friendly, Windows®-based way to customize the utility’s communications needs,” stated Pat Corrigan, marketing manager for ABB.

Metercat runs on all existing 32-bit Windows platforms. In addition to its basic functionality, Metercat simplifies the management of users, user groups, functions, and connections. Metercat stores meter readings for later retrieval and saves meter data into easily viewed HTML-based reports. Equipped with a comprehensive security scheme, Metercat permits administrators to easily control access to all software functions.

Task-based Functionality

Metercat provides task-based functions for performing routine actions on meters. A function is defined containing one or more of the pre-defined tasks such as a Billing Read or Diagnostic Read. The function executes on a connected meter. After the function has completed, Metercat displays a Function Completion Report indicating the status of each task’s execution.


Metercat supports both optical and remote communications for meters equipped with internal or external modems. For meters using modem-based communication, Metercat’s Phone Book makes it easy to manage meter phone numbers including those for multiple meter installations.

A3 ALPHA Meter

The A3 ALPHA meter is a single- or polyphase electronic meter that fully supports three recently adopted ANSI standards: ANSI C12.18-1996 Protocol for ANSI Type Optical Port, ANSI C12.19-1997 Utility Industry End Device Tables and ANSI C12.21-1998 Protocol Specification for Telephone Modem Communication.

ABB’s electricity metering business, located in Raleigh, designs and develops advanced electricity meters and creates information technology solutions and infrastructure for meters and meter data management systems throughout the world ( It is part of the Automation Technology Products Division which supplies a complete range of automation and control products, robotics, sensors, meters, drives, motors, switches and accessories and other low-voltage products and technologies.

ABB is involved in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. ABB has some 155,000 employees in more than 100 countries ( The company’s U.S. operations employ more than 15,000 people in manufacturing and other facilities in 40 states.

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