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Known as the voice of the electric utility industry since 1922, Electric Light & Power Magazine provides news of power generation, delivery and information technology to management, operations, marketing and engineering personnel.

Energy technology could be a $50 billion industry within the next five years and could grow to $100 billion by 2010, representing a substantial new investment opportunity, according to Banc of America Securities analysts in a broad new examination of the electric power industry. Analyst James P. LoGerfo says the high growth potential for energy technology is not dependent on deregulation of the electric power markets. Rather, demand will be driven by an Internet-based economy that will increasingly require levels of power quality and reliability that are unavailable today.

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About The Site

This web site is the home for two industry-leading publications covering the electric industry – Electric Light & Power and Utility Automation & Engineering T&D.

This site provides daily news on a number of topics, including business, projects/contracts, industry news, deregulation and environmental.

The site also has articles from the magazines’ current issues and access to years of searchable editorial archives. Check the calendar of events for PennWell energy events and other industry-related conferences.

Refer to the Utility Automation & Engineering Buyer’s Guide for vendor, product and service information. An online store offers industry books and videos.

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About Electric Light & Power magazine

Known as the voice of the electric utility industry since 1922, Electric Light & Power is the authoritative source of electric industry business news for electric utility executives and management.

Each month, Electric Light & Power provides insight into industry news, financial, legal and regulatory issues, and reviews T&D, technology, information systems, customer systems, and electric and gas trading trends.

This single source provides a broad view of the electric utility industry, with in-depth analysis of key business issues and regular interviews with industry leaders.

Electric Light & Power is part of the PennWell Global Energy Group.

About Utility Automation & Engineering T&D magazine

Utility Automation & Engineering T&D magazine provides information about the latest automation and control technologies used in electric power transmission and distribution. Our mission is to serve as a tool for today’s utilities, providing knowledge on technologies that improve reliability and power system operations.

Utility Automation & Engineering T&D’s coverage includes such technologies as distribution automation, substation automation, SCADA/EMS, outage management systems, AMR, AM/FM/GIS, enterprise integration, mobile computing and customer service technologies.

Readers of Utility Automation & Engineering T&D are utility professionals, energy service providers, managers, engineers, and consultants.

Utility Automation & Engineering T&D is part of PennWell’s Global Energy Group.

About the PennWell Global Energy Group

PennWell’s Global Energy Group, of which Electric Light & Power and Utility Automation & Engineering T&D are both members, currently hosts nine of the world’s largest and most comprehensive power conferences and exhibitions in the world.

The group also publishes six of the most respected trade publications in the power industry, covering the generation, transmission and distribution sectors of the power industry.

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