Add zing to your job performance

Ted Pollock

Just getting by? Find your self-motivation slipping? Here are some ways to pep up your performance.

“- Work a little harder. You’ve known the magic of days when pushing yourself just a little bit more than usual paid dividends out of all proportion to the extra time and effort invested. Edward Bok, a penniless boy who died a millionaire, summed up his experience: “Good luck is only hard work.”
“- Cash in on idle time. Use those precious scraps of time you throw away waiting and traveling. Bone up on your industry, your company, your company’s products, or world affairs. Catch up on the trade papers and journals that have been piling up unread. One little paragraph of news could make a world of difference to you.
“- Play your strengths. Rare among us is the mortal who doesn’t have at least one strong point distinctive to himself. Are you detail-happy? Fine! Impress your boss with your A-to-Z thoroughness. Are you a teacher at heart? Okay. Offer to speak at trade gatherings or civic organizations on your specialty. List your strong points, then figure out how to put these to the service of those about you. They’ll reciprocate by helping you when you most need help.

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