AEMC introduces leakage current probe

April 11, 2005 — The AC Leakage Current Probe Model 2620 measures leakage current shunted to ground caused by insulation faults. It enables the operator to locate failures when they occur, or anticipate them before they occur, without shutting down equipment or spending hours troubleshooting.

It is designed specifically for locating low current faults on high current loads. The detector is a sensitive nickel alloy AC current transformer capable of measuring differential or leakage current as low as 500µA. It may also be used to measure current up to 400A continuous duty. Its 4″ jaw opening facilitate both multiple and large conductors.

The Model 2620 may also be used as a highly accurate clamp-on current probe, providing a versatile way to analyze unbalanced current measurements, leakage values on grounding conductors and ground loop currents.

The Model 2620 has switch selectable ranges and is terminate with safety shrouded banana plugs on 5 ft leads, making IP compatible with most multimeters.

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