AEROMIX Systems signs $3.6 million order with Coalition Provisional Authority of Iraq

The Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) of Iraq has issued a $3.6 million dollar order to AEROMIX Systems, Incorporated of Golden Valley, Minnesota, USA for the supply of aerators as part of the reconstruction effort of two wastewater treatment plants. Aerators are mechanical devices which transfer oxygen and mix wastewater. When installed and operating, the aerators from AEROMIX will allow effective wastewater treatment to resume at these plants after many years of neglect.

This contract follows previous projects done by AEROMIX in Iraq. Four months prior to receiving this latest order, the company built and shipped aerators for the Diwanyiah and Hilla wastewater treatment plants south of Baghdad.

AEROMIX is a world leading aeration equipment manufacturer and has been designing, manufacturing, testing, and supporting aeration equipment worldwide for over 15 years. The AEROMIX team has been granted nine (9) US Patents on aeration devices and the company’s equipment is operating in 73 countries worldwide. AEROMIX manufactures 5 different aeration devices for wastewater treatment including aspirating aerators, diffuser systems, slow speed aerators, and paddlewheel aerators along with floating fountains and specialized aeration devices for lakes, rivers, and ponds. See for more information.

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