Alternative energy blending controller provides blending of alternative energy sources and utility provided power

SPOKANE, Wash., Aug. 6, 2002 — Virtual Technologies, Ltd. introduces GreenMax Powerà¢â€ž- customized energy blending power controllers.

GreenMax Powerà¢â€ž- controllers allow the seamless blending of alternative energy sources and utility provided power, in non-grid tied or “non-sell back” systems. GreenMax Powerà¢â€ž- controllers allow for partial or incremental conversion to alternative energy sources, while still providing supplemental energy from the utility grid as needed. Moreover, GreenMax Powerà¢â€ž- controllers are ideal for utilizing alternative energy sources to supplement standard utility provided power.

GreenMax Powerà¢â€ž- controllers use a proprietary method of blending power sources. Unlike other systems, Virtual Technologies’ GreenMax Powerà¢â€ž- controllers do not merely switch between the utility power grid and an alternative energy source such as solar panels or fuel cells.

The controllers use an exclusive proprietary design to constantly blend power sources and automatically adjust to changing load and power availability conditions.

In a typical GreenMax Powerà¢â€ž- setting, a large industrial complex may be outfitted with solar powered evaporative “swamp” coolers. However, during times of low or inconsistent sunlight, the solar panels will not produce enough energy for the evaporative coolers to cool the complex.

Even during periods of little or no sunlight the evaporative cooler will continue to run unaffected by environmental factors.

Virtual Technologies’ GreenMax Powerà¢â€ž- controllers ensure that all connected devices use as much energy as available from the alternative energy source, before providing supplemental additive power from the utility grid. This guarantees that any connected device is operating as eco-friendly as possible, while still providing operational stability by using supplemental utility grid energy only when needed.

Other typical uses include using solar, hydro, wind, or fuel cell produced electricity to offset utility grid power consumption. For example solar panels and/or windmills could be used to provide partial power for a water pumping operation. This is very useful when financial or other conditions do not allow for a completely off-grid system. In this case Virtual Technologies’ GreenMax Powerà¢â€ž- controllers seamlessly blend the alternative energy sources with the grid-provided electricity, thereby reducing the amount of utility-provided power used.

Virtual Technologies’ GreenMax Powerà¢â€ž- controllers are now available as custom components for large-scale installations or as optimized components for user-defined applications (i.e., running pumps, powering motors, charging batteries, etc.). Virtual Technologies, Ltd. will introduce two standard models for blending solar energy with 120VAC and 220VAC in the first quarter of 2003.

Virtual Technologies, Ltd. specializes in custom designed alternative energy power electronics, DC-DC converters, DC-AC inverters, AC-DC power supplies, frequency and phase converters, MPPT power supplies, and solar trackers, as well as solar-powered well monitoring and control equipment for the agriculture industry.

Virtual Technologies, Ltd. is a Spokane, Washington-based global renewable energy, communications, remote control and monitoring company. Virtual Technologies, Ltd. is a privately owned corporation. Its web address is

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