American Superconductor Deploys Commercial Superconductor-Based Solution for Power Grid Reliability

“The nation’s power grid is highly stressed, which has led to brownouts and rolling blackouts with increasing frequency in recent years,” said Greg Yurek, American Superconductor CEO. “Our new D-SMES product line provides the quickest, lowest cost and most effective solution for power reliability and capacity needs.”

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.–DTE Energy Technologies, an unregulated subsidiary of DTE Energy Co., has signed agreements with Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp. and The Turbo Genset Co. Ltd., of the United Kingdom, for the development of a 400 kW turbine generator. These agreements are founded upon the Memorandum of Understanding for development of the mini turbo-generator system, which was announced March 13, 2000.


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