AMRA Publishes 97 Trials Report

AMRA Publishes `97 Trials Report

The Automatic Meter Reading Association (AMRA) recently released the 1997 “AMRA Trials and Installations Report.” The report gives details on the utilities industry`s plans for more than 11 million units for AMR, load management, distribution automation, SCADA, outage and tamper detection and other automated services. In this year`s report, 129 utilities report the installation of more than 10.6 million units. Trials at an additional 74 utilities comprise more than 460,000 units.

Gas utilities are deploying the greatest amount of automated metering equipment. Twenty-eight gas utilities report deploying nearly 4.4 million units through 34 projects. The vast majority of this total represents installations; gas utilities are conducting only six trials involving 4,890 units. Electric utilities report 59 installations of more than 2.6 million units, and 42 trials are testing the capabilities of approximately 70,500 units. Water utilities report the permanent addition of nearly 793,000 AMR units through 36 installations and the testing of approximately 70,500 units at 18 water utilities. Eleven combination utilities report installing more than 2.8 million units; an additional 311,525 units are being implemented through eight trials.

The 1997 “AMRA Trials and Installations Report” includes 23 new deployments of more than 2.5 million units. Combination utilities report the largest number of new deployments–more than 1.1 million units at five utilities. Northern States Power is responsible for the majority of this figure as they plan to install 1 million radio units in March. Pacific Gas & Electric plans to deploy 100,000 fixed-network radio units this year.

To meet growing utility and customer needs, another 30 utilities are expanding existing trials or installations. Combination utilities again lead the pack, adding nearly 320,000 units in four existing projects. Public Service Gas & Electric plans to move from trial to installation in 1997, adding more than 200,000 broadband units for a total installation of 210,000 units. Union Electric will add 100,000 units for a total of 800,000 fixed network radio units.

Utilities that want to be included in the “AMR Trials and Installations Report” should contact Marcie Metz of AMRA at (847) 480-9628.

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