Ancillary utility offerings respond to market conditions, study finds

ATLANTA, April 3, 2002 — Various market conditions have converged to cause a slowdown in the rate at which utilities and energy companies offer C&I customers new products and services.

The most commonly provided ancillary offerings revolve around managing energy usage. Seventy-four percent of utilities provide commercial and industrial energy management consulting; of those, one-third charge a fee, one-third consult for free, and one-third provide some free and some fee-based consulting.

Data on more than 70 energy companies’ C&I and residential ancillary products and services and the competitive strategies behind those efforts — derived from qualitative telephone surveys with marketing or development professionals at those companies — is analyzed and presented in The Chartwell New Products & Services Data Summary and Report, being released today.

The data summary and report is part of The Chartwell New Products & Services Research Series, which analyzes products like surge protection, appliance warrantees, bill payment insurance, onsite power and green power; and delves into issues such as product development, due diligence, business models and marketing.

The 380-page report released today also reveals the most popular residential ancillary products and services for 2002 — financial — and insurance-based products and services including appliance financing, bill- payment insurance, appliance and electrical wiring warrantees or insurance, and guaranteed monthly bills. This category of products tops the charts for “most profitable” and “most popular among customers” as well as the most commonly launched over the past year.

The 12-month Research Series consists of ongoing research and data analysis, and includes:

* monthly issue-oriented reports featuring drilled-down data analysis and two in-depth case studies;
* member input into the direction of the research and analysis;
* one-on-one consultation with Chartwell researchers;
* a database and quarterly updates listing about 100 utilities’ products/services and pertinent details, including information on products/services to be launched in the future;
* an in-depth data report and summary including the raw data gathered in 70+ energy company surveys (released today);
* ongoing news alerts; and
* vendor profiles (released today as part of the data report and summary).

The Series will help energy companies make informed decisions about the wealth of new products and services available and how to bring those retailing efforts to market.

For more information about the twelve-month membership to this series, visit

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