Arc-resistant Switchgear

Eaton Corp. is introducing the first arc-resistant, front-accessible switchgear design providing centralized control and protection for low-voltage power distribution equipment. The arc-resistant switchgear enhances operator safety while the front-accessible design minimizes the equipment footprint for utility, industrial, data centers, institutions, hospitals and water and wastewater facilities. The switchgear meets Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 1558 and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) C37.20.7 arc-resistant standards for personnel protection. The arc-resistant switchgear is engineered to protect personnel from dangerous arcing faults by redirecting or channeling the arc energy out the top of the gear.

Eaton Corp.

Next-generation Rugged Tablets

Motion Computing’s next-generation F5t and C5t Tablet PCs are designed to enhance productivity for mobile workers across a broad range of vertical markets. The latest Motion Tablets deliver high levels of power, security and manageability. The new F5t, designed specifically for mobile work flows across field service environments, features a display that enhances outdoor usability. Now available with the combination of Motion’s proprietary View Anywhere technology for visibility even in direct sunlight, Corning Gorilla Glass for enhanced display protection, and dual-touch input, the F5t brings innovative display and input technologies together for the optimal indoor or outdoor usage experience.

Motion Computing

Medium-voltage Padmount Switchgear

ABB released the VersaPad, a new medium-voltage metal-enclosed switching product suitable for outdoor installations. The VersaPad provides added safety and higher reliability while using the industry standard footprint for underground distribution systems. The VersaPad has been designed using a dead-front enclosure where all energized components are enclosed within an inner grounded steel compartment, providing electrical isolation and protection from contamination. The industry standard footprint allows easy one-to-one replacement of field existing units, providing an alternative to the current market offer without changing the pad, cables or incurring additional costs for retrofitting/adapting existing installations.


Revenue-grade Solar Meter

Itron Inc. has a dedicated meter for the solar market. The meter uses an Itron cellular communication module and is ideal for monitoring the energy production of residential and commercial solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Itron’s solar offering takes advantage of growth driven by third-party-owned residential solar systems by enabling third-party solar providers to collect, store and upload a solar system’s production data over an existing cellular network link. With developments in renewable energy increasing, so does the need to effectively monitor and manage the integration of these energy resources into the electrical grid. Itron’s solar offering gives solar providers an accurate, reliable way to measure and manage solar production data with a secure, low-cost communication network for data collection.


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