Aria systems introduces Billing Relationship Management™ for the on-demand enterprise

DREXEL HILL, Pa., Oct. 22, 2004 — Aria Systems announced a new way for businesses of any size or complexity to boost revenue and increase customer satisfaction, while rapidly streamlining complex billing, invoicing, and receivable management processes.

The innovation: Billing Relationship Managementâ„- (BRM) is built on Aria Systems’ AriaCoreâ„- technology, which leverages Aria’s vast telecommunications, Internet, and e-commerce billing experience with proven customer relationship management (CRM) practices. The result is a turn-key enterprise service that transforms billing from a cost center and development quagmire into a powerful revenue generator; one which promotes brands, products, and customer loyalty.

Aria’s BRM solutions are ideal for organizations that need to rapidly implement a billing system from scratch, replace a billing system or development project that’s not meeting expectations, or enhance an existing system to tackle new billing requirements, such as adding e-commerce or recurring charges capabilities. Provided as a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ application service, Aria’s BRM solutions do not require any capital investment in computer hardware, ongoing maintenance fees, or upgrade requirements.

Instead, Aria’s BRM solutions are built on Oracleâ„- and other inter-operable industry-standard technologies to work seamlessly and securely with clients’ existing computer systems and software. Engineered to be adaptable and customizable, Aria’s BRM solutions can quickly and easily meet the demanding billing requirements of clients across diverse industries-including telecommunications, financial services, charities, franchises, gaming, entertainment, and more-while preserving, extending, and enhancing their brand identity.

The ability of Aria’s BRM solutions to provide complex billing resolutions, enhance the customer relationship, and bolster brand identity convinced early adopter SeaWave LLC to extend its contract with Aria Systems.

“Unlike every other billing system we considered, Aria’s BRM solutions elevated billing from a mere accounting function into the relationship management realm,” says Larry Zevon, Technical Product Manager of SeaWave LLC, in Middletown, R.I. “Aria is truly one of a kind. They give us extraordinary power to leverage our billing system to boost customer loyalty, reduce churn, sell new products, upsell existing clients, better communicate with our customers, and ultimately maximize revenue from a more satisfied customer base.”

SeaWave is an FCC-licensed common carrier that brings all forms of wireless communications to ocean-going vessels in the private, government, and commercial sectors. They provide two-way voice services, Internet e-mail and Web browsing, networking, full-color weather charts, text-based weather forecasts, and more. Previously, SeaWave’s management found it time-intensive and cost-prohibitive to support the dozens of processes, both computerized and manual, needed to enlist and support customers, provision services, generate monthly invoices, issue credits, and other billing-related customer service matters.

Today, all aspects of SeaWave’s multi-tiered, complex billing requirements for its sea-faring customers is completely automated by Aria Systems’ AriaCoreâ„- Billing Relationship Management System, yet fully branded and customized by SeaWave. Aria’s BRM solution transparently scaled with SeaWave’s rapid growth and has the capacity to support millions of users, and adapted easily to new wireless services added by SeaWave over the years, such as satellite communications among others.

Most important, Aria’s proprietary relationship management capabilities have empowered SeaWave to change billing from an oppressive administrative burden into a value added part of its product offering. “We’ve customized, personalized, and branded every single aspect of the system, from what we see and how it works, to what customers are presented with on their computers and invoices, to how the business and billing rules operate,” Zevon says. “We couldn’t be more pleased that Aria’s BRM solution has allowed us to improve our billing system and provide our customers with better options.”

About Aria Systems

Aria Systems is a leading provider of Billing Relationship Managementâ„- (BRM) software for the On-Demand Enterprise that enables companies to rapidly maximize cash flow, easily provision services, and manage recurring revenue by transforming the billing process into a crucial business driver. With Aria, businesses take total command of their revenue streams, allowing for on-the-fly customer acquisition, provisioning, retention, and up-selling, while eliminating common inefficiencies and outright failures that plague the most important link in the customer chain: the billing that defines the relationship.

Affordable and easily integrated, Aria’s BRM solution can be customized or come standard with built-in business rules and a self-service interface for managing most any conceivable billing scenario, thereby speeding time to market and ROI. Battle tested by more than 70 industries and leading ISPs, Aria’s management team can deliver BRM solutions for the largest enterprise or small startups.

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