Artemis International adds detailed work scheduling and resource management to strategic asset optimization solution

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., June 29, 2005 — Artemis International Solutions Corporation, global provider of Investment Planning and Controlà¢â€ž- solutions, unveiled an enhanced Strategic Asset Optimization solution, specifically targeted at the electrical power generation and distribution, gas exploration and distribution, and national and municipal utilities. The Artemis SAO solution improves operational, resource allocation and long-range financial management decisions at all business levels, maximizing the value of strategic assets.

“While much of our research on portfolio management aims at IT, there is a distinct trend in the enterprise to apply the same portfolio management processes and technologies to other parts of the business, from managing a portfolio of assets to optimizing the planning for new product development,” said Dennis Gaughan, research director for AMR Research in an alert titled The Evolution of Portfolio Management published in July 2004. “What is clear is the need to create a consistent set of processes for portfolio management across business functions. This allows organizations to measure any portfolio against a common set of business objectives, ensuring that any initiative that gets funded is tightly aligned with company strategy.”

With dramatically improved master schedule management, integrated portfolio analysis and enterprise scalability, Artemis for Strategic Asset Optimization (SAO) delivers unprecedented insight into the operational and financial performance of strategic assets. The new product is immediately available.

“Maximizing the value of assets used in energy production and transmission, and oil and gas exploration demands immediate access to financial, schedule, resource, and asset performance information,” said Patrick Ternier, CEO and president of Artemis. Not only does Artemis provide that with its latest release, but integrates that data in a single, centralized system. With the addition of detailed work scheduling and resource management, Artemis now offers a single solution for long-range planning, budgeting, and operational work planning that replaces the collection of ad-hoc databases and tools typically in use for managing strategic assets.”

Visibility, collaboration and best practices

Artemis for Strategic Asset Optimization delivers real-time visibility and control over strategic assets at all levels, a centralized system for collaboration and support for company-wide processes and best practices for fleet and asset management. The combination of this functionality enables energy businesses to gain control over:

* Budgeting: Performance-based budgeting features reduce project costs and budget overruns by providing improved monitoring and early management corrective action, along with increased visibility into budgets, prioritization and return on project investments. Performance-based budgeting and financial management enables dynamic alignment of capital and operational budgets.

* Asset Lifecycle Management: Improved equipment reliability planning and better resource planning lessens staff costs and contractor overtime. Improved inspections and preventative maintenance planning reduces both planned and unplanned outage days, while better asset conditioning and maintenance increases the unit capacity factors.

* Work Management: With the integration of best practices in asset management, regulatory and industry ratings are improved, while enhanced project and resource management provides efficient control over asset management and maintenance projects.

Artemis for SAO

Built on the Artemis 7 foundation, Artemis for SAO integrates a myriad of new features and functionality; from strategic asset portfolio management and asset lifecycle management, project and resource management, to performance-based budgeting and financial management. Targeted for the energy markets, including electrical power generation and distribution, gas exploration and distribution and national and municipal utilities, the product gives executives the insight to improve investment decisions and overall asset management.

Also new to Artemis for SAO is a Work Request Capture and Management module, addressing the critical need for managing single or multi project demands. The Work Request and Capture module captures, manages and routes multiple work request types. Each type of work request can have a unique workflow process that is defined and navigated via a graphical workflow interface.

Enterprise repository

In addition to support for IBM’s Websphere, Artemis 7 version 6.1 for SAO includes support for IBM’s DB2 relational database. This gives users the flexibility to consolidate all product information, while also integrating with existing enterprise information systems.


Available immediately, Artemis for SAO will include training materials on all new functionality.

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Artemis International Solutions Corporation is one of the world’s leading providers of investment planning and control solutions that help organizations execute strategy through effective portfolio and project management. Artemis has refined 30 years experience into a suite of solutions and packaged consulting services that address the specific needs of both industry and the public sector including, IT management, new product development, program management, fleet and asset management, outage management and detailed project management. With a global network covering 44 countries, Artemis is helping thousands of organizations to improve their business performance through better alignment of strategy, investment planning and project execution.

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