Barnhart Crane & Rigging provides leadership training

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Jan. 12, 2004 — Foremen and superintendents from Barnhart Crane & Rigging Co.’s 13 branch offices recently completed the company’s annual leadership training course in Memphis.

In addition to the one-day leadership course, which featured a NASCAR theme, some of the field leaders attended the OSHA 10-hour course and a first aid course that the company requires for all its foremen.

The course represented the third consecutive year that Barnhart Crane & Rigging has offered this training, according to Jim Yates, Barnhart’s vice president of Engineering and Technical Services.

“The course if for the field leadership, the guys who lead the crews, but we have managers and salesmen who also attend. There’s a lot of good technical information that they can use, too” Yates said.

The leadership course, developed by Barnhart management, is divided into two parts. The first half of the day focuses on leadership, including team building and communication. The second half of the course is devoted to technical subjects; this year it was Goldhofer trailers and rigging techniques.

“We begin every course with a year-end review, lessons learned, what we did right and a safety review,” Yates said. This year’s course, which was a multi-media presentation, contained seven components: the year in review; accident review and lessons learned; job site communications; communications exercises; Goldhofer operations; and rigging stability.

“We contract out the OSHA course and the first aid course,” Yates said, “but the leadership course is developed and presented by senior managers.” The leadership course makes use of PowerPoint presentations, video clips and live demonstrations. “It’s not just a bunch of guys up here talking all day,” Yates added with a chuckle.

Operator/foreman Pat Hendon described the leadership course as “an excellent training tool.” Hendon, who has worked for Barnhart for five years, said, “The trainers did an excellent job. I think the NASCAR theme worked well for us. It was a good presentation.”

Hendon, who has attended all three of Barnhart’s leadership training courses, said that this year’s rigging analysis, presented by Eric Barnhart, was the most helpful session for him.

“Eric’s presentation on the different load bearing points probably helped me the most,” Hendon said. “There was a lot of information there that I need to know.” Dennis White, a 30-year veteran of the industry who has worked for Barnhart Crane for just over six years and is currently a field supervisor, also found the training helpful. “They mixed it up this year to keep it interesting. I got a lot out of the rigging and lifting demonstrations.”

White said he believed that the training was especially good for new supervisors. “Safety and communication were the two main points stressed,” he said. “The training made people aware of the hazards we have in the industry. Everything we do, the safety issues are always addressed. We make that a priority. Overall, the trainers stressed the importance of communication: keep your men briefed on what your goals are for the day, what you’re trying to accomplish. If something changes during the course of the day, you need to keep them informed about what’s happening.”

In addition to the presentation, the course featured accompanying handouts, including rigging handbooks, and foremen’s handbooks, which included information such as safety operations, standard operating procedures, data sheets on chemicals that are often present on job sites, specification sheets on equipment and various required paperwork.

Barnhart Crane & Rigging, established in 1969, is a leading national supplier of specialized heavy rigging and transportation solutions. The company, with 13 locations across the United States, and a branch office in Sao Paulo, Brazil, also provides crane services, machinery moving and plant relocations, as well as project cargo logistics and heavy equipment storage at its 100-acre, 700,000-square-foot warehouse facility in Memphis, Tenn.

Barnhart Crane & Rigging, an ISO 9001 certified supplier, also operates terminal facilities at the Port of Memphis and the deepwater Port of Mobile, Ala. For more information, visit

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